Introducing Doombase

The first Doomer-as-a-Service (DaaS) platform for fearmongering.

Why choose Doombase?

Embrace our doom

Doombase is a Doomer-as-a-Service (DaaS) platform in which doomers outsource the laborious task of writing AI doomsday scenarios to our third-party language model called Yud, that has been trained on an extensive library of depressing tweets.

Doombase provides pre-written doom tweets for all kinds of situations, such as fearmongering, bad faith arguments, happiness obliteration, or simply if you wish to exceed the standard Twitter character limit (subscription required).

In addition to Yud-generated fatalism, Doombase also offers a suite of services built on our futureless architecture.

World-threatening platform

Built on our futureless architecture

Butlerian Management System

A portal for hiring new recruits and writing treaties.


Order datacenter airstrikes on a questionable basis.

Push Narratives

A simple way to immediately instill fear in all your users.


When the end just isn't enough to prove your point.


The essential, broken library to impede progress.

Zero-day Authentication

Intentionally blame it all on misaligned AI agents.

Asynchronous Survival

Easily demonstrate that AGI can thrive without humans.

Edge Functions

Stay on edge with our Catastrophe Distribution Network (CDN).

Stateless AGI

Use our FATEful architecture only as a last resort: proving that we were right.